If you are in your penultimate or final year at the University/Polytechnic and you want to increase your chances of either securing a job or having a legitimate stream of income. Then you should register for the “Mentor Me 4 Success” Training/Mentorship Program.

500 Industry Expert are ready to train and mentor serious-minded undergraduates. If you will dedicate 30minutes weekly from January 2019-till you graduate then we will assign you a mentor that will hand-hold you throughout the journey. These mentors will;

  • Teach you and follow-up with you on how to develop your profile to attract employers
  • Educate you on the type of experience you should acquire to enhance your CV
  • Profile your skill-set for gaps, make recommendations and follow-up on the acquisition
  • Train you on what to do while you are waiting for employment
  • Increase your chances of getting a job, in your interaction with your mentor if you are an exceptional student you could get a jobrecommendation

There is no limitation in location, the program will be facilitated on Telegram. If you have a mobile phone, dedicated internet access and you are in your penultimate/final year then you qualify to apply.

Fill the application form and we will contact you.

The gap between educational qualification and employment is the mentoring process and the best time to start preparing for employment is while still in school.

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