We adopt the GROW MODE. The GROW MODEL is a holistic and flexible approach that takes a young professional on the journey of self-discovery. It helps mentees identify that attaining career success is possible and helps identify actions needed to reach their goals.

Establish the Goal

The mentor ask mentee (s) to define what success means and how they think they can achieve professional success.

Examine the Current Reality

The mentor ask mentee(s) to describe their current reality. This is an important step to identifying what the challenges to reaching a goal could be. Too often, as mentees talk about their current reality,

Explore the Options

Once the mentees have fully explored the current reality, it's time to brainstorm. With the guidance of the mentor they both come up with possible options for reaching their objectives.

Establish the Will

The final step is that the mentor gets mentee(s) to commit to specific actions that will aid in reaching their goals. Periodic reviews is carried out to monitor mentees progress.

Our Evaluation Process

The Course Advisor –An Important element of our evaluation process

Using more than one method to collect and analyze our evaluation data ensures that our results are authentic. The 2methods we use are

  • Observation
  • Survey
- Observation – the job of the Course Advisor is an important piece in the mentoring program. He is the independent element that makes the mentoring circle an effective one. He observes both the mentor and the mentees and gives an objective report on them. Apart from providing support to the team, he ensures that the program meets its objectives. Since the project manager cannot be in all the groups, the Course Advisor is the “eye’ of the project manage in all the groups

-Survey – through the use of survey we collate progress report on mentors and mentees. Also the Course Advisor ensures that this part of the evaluation process is completed, he follow-up with everybody until the job is done. All the task that the Course Advisor performs in ensuring the program is effective puts him in a very good place to provide an objective assessment of everybody on the team. For instance if he has to follow up repeatedly on someone before the person performs a group task then he knows that such a person will have issues when the person get a job, he therefore note this in his assessment and provides recommendation on how to address the issue.

360° Appraisal System Learning Cycle

We also adopt 360° appraisal system where mentees evaluate their mentor and the mentor evaluates the mentees

Integrating social media into our evaluation process

In ensuring that mentors and mentees remain motivated and that the program achieves its objectives we carry out a periodic evaluation. As mentioned earlier, our target market i.e young professionals spend 35% of their day on social-media thus, we put this into consideration in designing every aspect of the mentoring program, evaluation inclusive. During our periodic evaluation we celebrate outstanding individuals and teams on our social media pages, this also ensures that our students competencies are promoted.