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Because you have tapped into the secret to a truly happy life, I hope you’re having an awesome week. I hope you already know what gives happiness in life and what makes people happy.

How to manage change certainly has much to do with finding happiness and success.

I’m about to share something really life changing with you right now.

It’s a secret that will lead to a dramatic boost in your happiness, financial success, and what’s more it’s a secret that leads to others admiring you more, respecting you more and listening to you more.

The number one secret to happiness and success is in discovering a little-known deep awareness called Inner Calling.

This was uncovered and refined by my many people who have researched what aligning to one’s true free will can do for an individual.

If you’ve never thought of yourself as one who naturally attracts success, this psychological secret to manifest the life you want filled with success, wealth and happiness, will help you along.

I was reading a scientific research study the other day that showed how the NUMBER ONE determining factor in predicting how happy people can be, is the strength of their social connections.

Honoring Personal Change

In a previous discussion we went deep about the habits of highly effective people know that how to attract abundance and prosperity begins by uncovering it from within.

We said that the secret to a happy life is in how open-minded people are to the strength of their inner calling.

It’s about being aligned to the truth within you, is how successful people grow and of the habits of highly effective individuals.

The Course in Miracles teaches that, “Remember that you always are choosing between truth and illusion while in this world.”

What’s MORE, the number one predictor of longterm financial success is ALSO the strength of their interpersonal skills.

That’s why I felt it was really important that I share this with you in this article today, as it reveals the secret to a happy life, and how to use it to answer to your own true free will– a life of purpose and passion.

I mean to be more successful, admired and influential in every area of your life, just by personal change.

If any part of your life has gotten off track because of how to manage change, your love life, your career, your social life, and so forth, then this is something that you REALLY SHOULD take a close look at immediately.

What is the secret for a happy life?

The number 1 secret to happiness and success through personal change is something you don’t want to armchair over, but rather to begin taking action on.

It’s in you already, but you need to learn to go within and reflect this true free will of yours into the material world.

The Course in Miracles states, “Find and seek… From there the miracle extends to bless everyone and to resolve all problems, be they perceived as small or great, possible or impossible.”

Just follow the suggestions you’re hearing within you– an inner calling, if you will that is urging you to be open to all that you are capable of.

When someone achieves their dreams through personal change and free will through purpose and passion, it really is one of the most impressive things.

And I love listening to those who share how they did it.

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