Who We Are

Career4all was Founded in 2016 and headquartered at number 353A Abisogun Leigh by Isalu Hospital Ogba Lagos State Nigeria. Career4All is a leading management-consulting firm serving clients across the country. Our staff represent a diverse spectrum of professional disciplines, ranging across mentoring, coaching, training, recruitment and much more.

Career4All is one of the fastest growing mentoring platforms in Nigeria. Having provided mentoring services for over 5,000 students from over 50+ institutions and various vocational fields in the country, Career4All is a leader in innovative mentoring program and pedagogical excellence. We currently have a pool of 50+ mentors across different sector of the economy.

Through our MentorMe4Success Program we teach, mentor and empower young professionals to take OWNERSHIP of their career development and advancement opportunities.

Since inception, our innovative solutions have earned us the trust of young professionals looking to “differentiate themselves in the labour market”.

Through highly experienced professionals with value-added advantage and cost-effective platforms, we meet clients requirements professionally, while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Our knack for excellent service delivery has helped us to evolve and deploy numerous mentoring solutions customized to target audience and needs. These have continued to ensure their market leadership in a highly competitive market as their resources are well-optimized and strategically implemented.

We owe our strength to our pool of competent mentors and trainers who are totally committed to the development and growth of young professionals. Our mentors and trainers understand the peculiarities of the Nigerian labour market and constantly engage with the mentees to provide relevant guidance

Our Primary Goal

The primary goal of our mentoring program “MentorMe4Success” is to empower young professionals through;

  • Mind-set orientation,
  • Self-discovery
  • Setting and achieving career goals
  • Understanding personal strength & weakness
  • Leveraging personal strength to get ahead
  • Developing soft & Hard skills
  • Personal Branding
  • Developing CV & Career Portfolio
  • Getting along with others and networking for success
  • Identifying & Taking advantage of opportunities
  • Embracing New-Collar & Blue-Collar jobs
  • Leveraging technology to get ahead
Life-Skills Coaching
Team Coordination & Program Evaluation
Group Mentoring
Virtual Mentoring

Our Delivery Model

We understand the limitations of face-to-face mentoring, the peculiarities of millennials and their love for the mobile phone. The average daily hour millennials spend on mobile phone is 5.7 hours. Our mentoring program is  structured to embrace the utilization of technology in providing remote mentoring services.  We provide mentoring services to young professionals directly on their mobile phone by using the popular “Whatsapp” mobile app. Yes Whatsapp!  Whatsapp is the most active social media platform in the country, currently 98.39 people use the app in Nigeria and that makes it a very effective mentoring medium. Through our structured mentoring Whatsapp  platform we have mentored and placed young professionals.

We operate a virtual, group mentoring structure, Each group is made up of a Mentor, a Course Advisor and 10-15 Mentees. The mentees learn better, when they are in a group. They learn from each other’s experience, they learn from the Mentor and they learn from the Course Advisor.

Physical Mentoring session with Mentors Course Advisors and Mentees.